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Apartment Living & Hotel Services

Enjoy the luxury of living in a well-appointed apartment while enjoying the highly acclaimed amenities and services offered by Wadano Forest Hotel.


Owner Benefits

Owners will have access to their own lockers. Owners can enjoy discounted hotel/ apartment bookings for themselves, family and friends.


Low Management Fees

The same team that successfully manages Wadano Forest Hotel will manage the apartments. We will provide guests with a full range of services for a fixed 30% fee.


High Yield & Optional Guaranteed Yield

Projected rental income for the apartments provide an attractive return for investors.


Attractive Vendor Finance

It is very difficult for overseas owners to borrow money to invest in Japanese property. We get around this problem by offering vendor finance.


Great Location

Wadano Forest Apartments are located in Happo One, the largest and most popular ski resort in Hakuba and the home of the slalom an downhill events during the 1998 Winter Olympics. The apartments are located in the picturesque Wadano Forest area of Happo One and provide easy access to the ski slope.

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