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Contact us and we can organise an experienced hiking guide, package up the different activities for you, or take you around and introduce you to different local attractions and enjoy the local cuisines. 



Happo-ike (Happo Pond)

Happo-ike is a perfect hike for tourists looking to explore the area in the green season.  On a clear day, the reflection of the beautiful Hakuba mountain range is visible in the lake's crystal clear waters.  The hike is also suitable for casual hikers as the ski lifts help make the pond easily accessible.

Iwatake Day Hike


The Iwatake Day Hike goes from the base of the mountain to the top of the gondola.  The hike is about 2-3 hours each way (however, the gondola can be used to get up and down as well).  At the top of the hike visitors will find a variety of Iwatake's attractions including sitting areas, delicious food and a variety of other activities (swings, slack lines and hammocks).


Mt. Karamatsu

Mt. Karamatsu is one of the more challenging hikes Hakuba has to offer.  Spanning about 7.1 hours, it takes hikers up from the top of the last lift (in the summer), via Happo-ike and to the top of Mt. Karamatsu which has to offer a variety of picturesque views of Hakuba.


Tsugaike Kogen – Hakuba Oike – Mt Shirouma – Yari Onsen – Sarukura Hike

This is one of Japan's classic hikes.   It spans 3 days and 2 nights and is for the more ambitious of hikers.  Trek along the peaks overlooking Hakuba and then down to a hot spring to relax after a long 3 days of hiking.  Make sure to do adequate research while preparing for this hike to ensure it is enjoyable!



Mountain Biking

Hakuba's many ski slopes and resorts are transformed into a mountain biking paradise during the green season.  Rent a bike at one of the local outdoor activity company, or contact us and we can arrange a guide to drive you and show you around the many mountain biking trails Hakuba has to offer.


Rock Climbing

Hakuba and Nagano have many rock climbing locations for those looking for anything from a climbing wall to multi-pitch granite climbs.  Contact us and we can arrange a guide to ensure you a safe and an enjoyable experience throughout your trip.


Canyoning in Hakuba is perfect for those looking for excitement.  Slide down waterfalls and splash into deep pools in the various whitewater chutes found across Hakuba.  Some hiking is involved in accessing the canyons but most of the time is spent in the water.  Contact us and we can arrange a professional guide for a thrilling experience.



Kayaking and Canoeing

Explore lake Aoki, one of Japan's clearest lakes, via kayak or canoe.  During the green season, the lake is alive with various greenery, birds, fish and other animals.  Furthermore, come during the Spring Cherry Blossom time to witness the numerous Cherry Blossom trees surrounding the lake.  


Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Enjoy Hakuba in a fun and relaxing way with stand up paddle boarding.  With minimum gear you can paddle across lake Aoki or, if you are looking for a more challenging adventure, you can enjoy paddling down class 1 or 2 rivers in the area. 


White Water Rafting

During the green season Hakuba has many rivers perfect for white water rafting.  Experience the majestic scenery of Hakuba while working together with a group to have an exciting and unforgettable rafting experience.  

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